Apology Messages for Wasting Time

I apologize for wasting your time in the town. It was just because of my fault. The responsibility of pickup you up was given to me. You were new to the city and didn’t know about the locations. I was coming towards you to pick you from the airport. I didn’t check my car fuel before leaving home. On the way, my car ran out of gas. There was no fuel station nearby and that’s the reason why I was late that day. Because of this, you missed your important business meeting. I am really sad about this. I hope that you will accept my apology since it was done unintentionally.

Dear Friend! I am sorry for wasting the time of our group at the weekend. An assignment was given to me due to which I didn’t contribute towards the debating society. Just because of me our team was facing troubles. I wasted much time of my fellows, including you. I am ashamed of it. I apologize to you for being the reason for your stress. I hope you will try to understand the matter since we are good friends for a long time.

Good evening sir! I am sorry for wasting time in the examination hall during the paper on Thermodynamics. I was late for the quiz on that day. I felt ill the day before the examination. That was the reason for not arriving at the time. Because of me much of your time was wasted in checking my paper. I accept my fault and ensure you that I will be punctual from today till the rest of the examination. I hope that you will forgive me this time so that I can hopefully complete my assessment with mental peace. With due respect, I again apologize for being wrong.

Mistakes are very common in humans. Being a human, I accept the fact that I can be inaccurate in my activities too. I am sorry dear friend for not sending you the parcel within the given time. I had already purchased the required goods but due to some urgent piece of work, I forget about them. Last week while I was checking the phone reminders, I came to know that I missed your bundle. But now I have filled in the credentials and the parcel is on the way to you. I am really sorry for wasting your time during the whole process. I will take much care of it next time. I hope that you will accept my excuse since the reason behind it is totally genuine.

I’ve recently received the news that you’ve got low grades. We had been hanging out for many days. At first, I thought that there’s nothing wrong in doing so. But now I realized it is the main reason behind your poor result. Mostly I insisted you accompany me; therefore, I am responsible for wasting your precious time. From now I will consider the study as our first priority. I want to say sorry for being the prominent reason behind wasting your time.

Apology message for wasting time

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