Apology Messages for Overcharge

We apologize for overcharging you while you were purchasing goods from our company. The reason behind the high price is the increase in the amount of taxes for certain companies. Our brand is also affected by this policy due to which we had to increase the rates to mobilize our revenue. You have been a regular customer of ours for many years. We have been striving to make our customers happy by providing good services. These high prices will not last for long as we are working on making our products affordable for people by doing necessary changes in this regard.

I apologize for overcharging you last Friday. You have purchased a cell phone from my shop. The phone wasn’t new still you were charged the same amount as for a new one. I am extremely sorry for this. It was due to a mistake from my employer. As you know that I was busy in a meeting that day and a member of my crew was running the outlet. He by mistake sold the refurbished phone instead of a new one. You can visit my shop whenever you want for the sake of changing the phone. I have transferred your remaining amount to your account.

Dear Customer, we are really sorry to inform you that a member of our team was overcharging our clients. He was involved in a misleading or kind of corruption. In the beginning, we weren’t aware of the fact but after analyzing the facts and figures of sales and purchases we came to know that he was doing fraud with us by selling goods to our customers at a high price. We again apologize for the inconvenience. We have taken legal action against that member. We assure you that you will never face the same situation in the future.

I am sorry to overcharge you while selling you the fruits bundles. The prices are becoming high due to the shortage of products. Our products are being damaged by extreme weather conditions. Due to these extremities, our brand is facing problems regarding certain products. Due to the lack of particular food items we had to sell our fruit at high prices. We apologize for overcharging you. We are changing the company’s policy regarding it. We assure you that you will not be overcharged next time.

I apologize for overcharging you during the purchase of certain good from our online shopping website. Due to some technical faults associated with our online cash invoice utility you were charged more than normal. The same problem has also been faced by other customers. I am being the manager of the online transactions apologize for this mistake. I have refunded the cash that was charged to you in the form of overcharge. Now you don’t have to worry about it. I have ordered the crew to look after the issue for avoiding such kind of problems in future. I always wish to make our customers happy by selling goods at reasonable prices.

Apology messages for overcharge

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