Apology Messages for Cancellation of Reservation

Dear Sir, it is to inform you that I booked a room in your hotel last week. Due to some personal issues, I will not be coming to the city and that’s why I want to cancel the reservation. I booked the room from my name (name of the person) and I am also sending my reservation number. Although it is against the hotel policy to cancel in this way, sorry I will not e able to come. Kindly cancel my reservation and I apologize for any inconvenience, I don’t have any choice. Kindly acknowledge the receiving of my request and please confirm the cancellation of the booking. I will be grateful for understanding my situation and cooperating with me.

I regret canceling the reservation for the upcoming weekend. Due to excessive workload in my office, I will not be able to stay in the hotel. I have to put my personal plans on hold for some time. Hope you understand and accept my apology. I will like to keep the advance payment for my next reservation. Hope you cooperate and send me acknowledgment reply to confirm the cancellation of reservation. I will be thankful for your service and accommodation.

My company scheduled a conference at your hotel. We reserved the hall last month. Due to the accident of our CEO, we have to cancel the conference for some time. Therefore, on behalf of the company I have to cancel the reservation. Sorry for the inconvenience. I know it is against your hotel policy. It is requested to accept my apology and refund the advance payment we have submitted for the reservation of the hall. We will book the hall again as soon as CEO will get better. I will inform you. Waiting for your reply. Thanks in advance.

We all family members decided to visit the city and stay at your hotel. I reserved two rooms in the hotel. We planned to visit famous places in the city. Unfortunately, I have to cancel the reservation because of the sudden demise of a very close relative. Due to which we will not be able to come to the city. I hope you understand and cancel the booking of the room. Hope you refund my advance payment. Waiting for your confirmation reply.  Will be thankful for accepting my apology.

Dear. I hereby inform you that I have to cancel the reservation of the table I booked in your restaurant. This is because my grandfather got a sudden heart attack and we are with him in the hospital. I know this is your peak time and you will mind on such sudden cancellation as you reject someone else booking due to advance reservations. I hope you understand and accept my request. Hope you refund my advance payment. I will come in a day or two to pick it up. Accept my apology. I will be waiting for your positive reply. I will be thankful for understanding my situation and accepting my apology. We will love to visit the restaurant soon.

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