Apology Messages for Bad Attitude

I ignored your happiness and was trying to satisfy myself, at first, I didn’t notice my fault, but after some time I realized that I was wrong. I come to know that my happiness is associated with yours and all your sorrows are just like mine. I was rude to you for no genuine reasons. Now I am sad about my mistake. Since everything I said was not intentional, it would be a great favor if you accept my apology and cooperate with me in this regard. I am sorry for my bad attitude. I will take care next time.

I want to apologize for my behavior last week. I know that my attitude was unacceptable that day. It was because I am facing health problems these days and my mood therefore mostly remains unpleasant. I know that this is not a reasonable excuse, but I believe that by considering the good things and joyful moments associated with us you will co-operate with me and accept my apology. Everybody has positive as well asnegative qualities. Good behavior reaps good things while bad attitude gets abad response in return. You are a person with exceptional qualities. I saysorry once again for my behavior. I hope that you will try to understand mymistake and accept my apology.

I realize it appears as if I’ve been disregarding you for a couple of days. I was stuck with my office matters. I was given less time with a bulk amount of work to be done in the form of assignments and presentations. Due to the busy schedule, I was unable to take care of our relationship and showed a bad attitude to you. When you asked for hanging out I behaved as if you were disturbing the things related to me. I didn’t give much importance to this matter at that time. But now I realized that friendship is the most beautiful relation in the world. We have had a good time and many cherished memories are connected with us. I accept my fault and with due respect, I apologize for being wrong. I hope that you will forgive me regarding this.

I have so many issues these days. Although some of them are minor ones, mostly they are disturbing. On my bad days my mood shifts from happy to sad in a few moments. Sometimes I began to hate myself too when things are not in favor. Such a moment occurs in the ups and downs of a man’s life when he totally loses hope. He becomes a pessimist and the power to maintain good things in life disappears. Sometimes misunderstandings happen, and I think that you don’t like me. These were the causes of my bad attitude towards you last month. Although it seems that I am not sincere to you but at heart, I am gracious and full of love. I am thankful for all the good deeds that you’ve done to me. I am ashamed of my disrespectful behavior and I assure you that from now I will take care and give you my full attention and love. Please forgive me this time.

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