Thanksgiving Wish Messages to Family & Friends

My dear friend, I don’t have words to explain my feelings and my affection for you. you are such a true and sincere friend. You are just like my sister. In every thick and thin matter in school and college, you always remain with me. In the exams, during the class test and for preparing assignments I never forget your help. You were always ready to help we when I was unable to understand the lecture. In this cool November, I want to say that thank you for being my best friend, my sister, my lovely fellow. I wish you a happy Thanksgiving Day and wish that God give you success and all your dreams come true. Stay blessed.

I still remember a day when I met an accident and you received my call late midnight to take me to hospital. You stayed with me and bear all my hospital expenses. In the new city, to remain in the hostel without parents and siblings is not an easy task. In your presence, I never feel alone in this strange city. I love preparing my exam at your company. Your way of teaching, awesome style of gossip and your jolly nature is so amazing that not only me but other friends also appreciate. You are really a cooperative, understanding and cool minded person. Love you, dear friend. Happy Thanksgiving Day. Stay happy and keep smiling.

Thanksgiving is not only the occasion when I want to say you thank you but I admire your efforts, your love, affection, care and friendship nature throughout the whole year. You are not only my father but my best friend. I never felt afraid to share my feelings and requesting new things which I need. My friends usually complain about their fathers that they don’t give them time and always in an angry mood. My dear father, you are such a kind man, you always supported and encouraged me. I still remember in my fifth class when I got a C grade, you were not rude but you politely ask the reason and didn’t scold me but you ask me to be careful next time. I always found a best friend in you. you are my superhero, my inspiration. Thank you, dad, for always being supportive and loving.

In this Thanksgiving Day I just want to say my elder brother I love you and you are my best friend. I love your way of teasing me, your care when I need help in the exam as well as your support when I feel down for understanding my subject. When I was the child and you scolded me or teased me at that time you don’t love me, but as the time passed, we grow up and your affection for me made me realized that I was wrong. You are my ideal; I wish the sibling’s love would remain till the end of life. thank you, my dear brother, for being my friend, my support. I love the way you defend me for my mistakes in front of mom and dad. Just want to say thank you!

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