Thanking Someone for a Favor

You are a great administrative & supporter. I don’t have enough words to thank you for the favor you did to me when I was in the most difficult phase of my life. I needed some amount badly & the company does not issue advance. On requesting you for a personal loan you helped me out in the best way & gave me a personal loan to cope up with the necessities of life for what I am highly grateful to you. I admire your compassion and provision. I assure you that I will return the money I borrowed from you in the first week of the next month.

My words may not express my gratitude for you. You didn’t let me down though I was feeling extremely embarrassed before bringing the matter into your account. I just hope & pray to Almighty to enable me to return you the favor as soon as possible. Thank you so much & stay blessed!

It is wrongly perceived that favor can only be done in a monetary manner. I know how indebted I am to you for your great favor of keeping my moral high in the most difficult hours of my life. It was the courage you gave me which kept me going through that situation. Thank you for your care & your words of reassurance.

The way you helped us out in our very difficult time is something that we cannot forget ever in my life. It will keep on rememorizing us that still there are some people in this world for whom humanity means everything. You are such a sweet & caring person that keeping aside the fact that we are merely your neighbors you did every possible thing to get us out of that worst situation of our life. Thank you & bless you!

A very few people have the honor of having such a caring & loving friend. I am afar blessed to have you in my life as my best friend. Thank you for being there all the time I need you! I am so thankful to my Lord that He sent you in my life.

I am genuinely thankful to you for bestowing me with your favor in my most difficult time. It is something unforgettable for me & for my family throughout life. I want you to make sure that I would love to do the same for you if ever in life you need my assistance or any kind of help. If you ever need a helping hand in your life, just feel free to ask me without thinking about it for another moment. I most positively owe you one! Thank you, my dear friend!

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