Thank You Message to Boss for Support during Difficult Times


Dear Sir, I am heartedly grateful to you for your continuous support while was in the hospital for the past two months. You are one of the great persons in my life to whom I will remain indebted throughout my life. I am thankful that you did not force my coworkers to get my work done to avoid any disordering with the customers. You have proven that generous persons like you still exist. I will return to work most probably on 13th January.


I am obligated to you for keeping up with me while I was not stable financially. Your cooperation proved a shelter for me and helped me to come out of debt. I am thankful to my colleagues too for accomplishing my unfinished task during my absence. Thank you, sir, for making certain nothing was overlooked.


I much appreciate you for providing me support when I remained off from the office for three weeks due to my mother’s heartache. Your support proved a great helping hand for me, and I did not have any worry to think about my workload. You made me feel confident and easy while I stayed with my mother. You make certain this thing that workload gets covered.


You are a marvelous and fantastic boss. I remained distressed about having to be out on teeny-weeny affliction. Thanks to you for considering and succoring me. Someday I will pay it forward when I will be given the chance.


Hello Sir, hope this message finds you well. Through this message, I want to thank you for all the endeavors you made to adjust me during my initial job days. Although I have been given the training, you added extra intuition to my perception. The level on which I am today is only because of you. I look ahead to being adept at working unaided soon.


I am beholden to have you as my mentor. I appreciate the efforts you provided me in dealing with different group tasks. Thanks to you for listening to my all questions and bearing me patiently. You are a magnificent boss and under your kind supervision, I have become able to handle multiple tasks simultaneously. I could not do it without your support.


I appraise you for providing me with your help. Your assistance in accomplishing the project goals has been tremendous as the clients have higher expectations than predicted. Mr. Steward told me last Monday that their trading experience with us wax much better this time than before. They do not know that your continuous support enabled me to accomplish this project. Because of your endeavors our company has become able to sign a new contract with XYZ Group of Industries.


While writing this message tears of happiness are flowing through my eyes that how blessed I am to be bestowed with such a kind, generous and affectionate boss. I want to appreciate you for being with me during tough times. I admire your enthusiasm and perseverance not only for me but also for the whole team. it is because of active indulgence that we as a team are better.


Your generous reinforcement melted my heart in aiding me to come out of the financial crisis. Your courageous and dauntless attempts to keep me at work made things easy for me to put together with essential perquisite for my family. Your idea to provide free food to 2,000 families made the customers happy and prompted us to work strenuously. I wholeheartedly thank you to provide me with your affection and assistance. It made it easy for me to handle the tough time in the easiest way.


This message aims to thank you intensely for increasing my monthly salary up to 30%. I had to talk to you about the increase in salary but yesterday I got my salary increment letter and I was in seventh heaven. Without your support, the increment was not possible. I have multiple reasons now to love you. You provided me the opportunity to be accomplished and made my job position a remarkable encounter.


Thank you for persuading and influencing me when I was utterly despaired. You have been an enormous and tremendous boss and I want to gain more understanding from you in the future. You are not only a boss to me but also a true inspiration. Thank you for all you have done for me and for growing me in my career.

Thank You Message to Boss for Support during Difficult Times

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