Leave Message to Boss due to Son Sick


Hello sir. This is to inform you that I want today’s leave as my son is not well. I have to take her to the hospital and it will take me two to three hours to go to the hospital and then back to work. Therefore, I cannot mark my presence in the office today. Kindly consider my one-day leave. I will be obliged to you for the courtesy.


This message is to bring in your kind notice that my son has got headache and fever. He needs me as I am the only person to take care of him in a proper way. My wife has gone out of the city so I cannot leave him alone even for a minute. Kindly allow me three days a week so may I get his proper treatment.


With due respect, it is stated that my son has fallen ill seriously. Being a single parent, it is my responsibility to take his proper care. Due to this, it is impossible for me to attend office for the next few days. It will be a great favor for me if you sanction me a few day’s leave. He has been advised by the doctors to take proper rest and for this reason, it is my responsibility to take care of his health. I hope you will understand my situation and will cooperate with me.


This is to inform you that my son has been fallen ill since yesterday and for this reason, I cannot attend office. He has been diagnosed with a stomach ulcer and advised to take complete rest for seven days. I know that I do have not any leaves left, and my absence will be marked as unpaid leave. I will try my best to make myself available through email for assistance.


It is stated with due respect that I want three days’ leave due to my son’s illness. He is a grade 8th student in ABC School and yesterday his teacher informed me that Adam has vomited 4, 5 times in the school and they took him to hospital. The doctors said that it all occurred due to poisonous food and as a result, he got stomachache and vomiting. He has been now advised to take complete rest for three days. In this situation, it will be difficult for me to come office as there will be no one in the home to take care of Adam during my absence. Kindly grant me three days’ leave from 3-08-20XX to 5-08-20XX. I shall be very thankful to you for this favor.


Dear Sir, I am writing this message to let you know about my son’s failing health and I need leave due to this. He has gotten some injuries and his right leg fractured. He needs me around him all the time to take him to the washroom. The doctors have prescribed him four days medicine course and complete rest. I request you to please ponder over my request by allowing me four days’ leave so he may take medicine at the proper time.


Most respectfully it is stated that I need three days’ leave to take my son to the hospital for a physical examination. His health is falling day by day and this thing is putting me under great stress. During office hours I do not find time to take him to the hospital but now the downfall in his health has alerted me to provide him proper care. I have taken an appointment with Dr. Darcy, and he has prescribed some tests. For this reason, I need leave from 12-08-20XX to 14-08-20XX. I shall be thankful to you for considering my request.

Leave message to boss due to son sick

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