Layoff Announcement Letters

As per we expected, the current union with our fellow association has led to the overlapping of some functions. Subsequently, it is compulsory to lessen the totality of members working in our firm. We are supposed to minimize the sum of wage earners by dividing them into less important or duplicate categories.

Our employee’s office will grasp a chain of consultations at the end of May to have a debate on joblessness, insurance welfares & to assist those pretentious protected new jobs. We honestly escalate your influences and repent that this exploit has become essential.

We are extremely sorry to inform you that the company will have to reduce the staff by 40% within the next two months due to the rise in the mandate of our yields. The company will issue notices to the ill-fortuned employees within one week along with their paychecks. The affected workers will also get one month’s extra salary to meet their necessities unless they get a new job. An assembly for all the affected workforces will be held on the coming Friday.

We will talk about the benefits of compensated salary, as well as health indemnity & withdrawal plan supplies. We impulse all concerned members to join us in the meeting. We truthfully acknowledge your years of a provision to our corporation. Regrettably, this layoff was inevitable. We wish you accomplishment in your upcoming undertakings.

It seems necessary to us to announce a short-term layoff of the whole manufacturing staff. Manufacturing request for our product has been decelerated & slackened, as it was expected to be at this time of the year. The plan will be closed for some months though, but health insurance & rest of the employee doles will remain active throughout the layoff.

We are sure to restart our regular production agenda until December of this year. We highly endorse the laborious work & the devotion of all our employees and expect to work together again in the New Year.

As all of you already knew that the company was going bankrupt & was facing extreme circumstances, so it has been sold to an Arabic crew, due to which the layoff of almost all the staff is sadly announced. The new owners of the company will decide further stuff since we do not have an idea of the way they are going to lead the company. But there is a probability that they might hire all of you or maybe some of you for their new organization.

The company will compensate all of you with a one-month advance salary so that you do not go bankrupt meanwhile you are jobless. We had the best time together, but fate has planned things in a different way. Wish you all the best of luck.

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