Kitty Party Invitation Messages

To all friends, it’s a great pleasure for me to invite you to the Kitty Party, which is held at the [PLACE] at 1 pm in the afternoon tomorrow. Hope you would enjoy the gaming gathering and all other activities there. We all would have a great fun. There would be other friends too to extend the enjoyment of the party.

To dear cousin, I am inviting you for the outstanding kitty party which is held at my place on 11th, November 2019. It would be an enormous fun and excitement there. I have held a lot of games and there is a fancy dress show, which would boost the thrill of the party. Make sure you would be on time to enjoy everything.

To dear sister, it is my pleasure to invite you to the kitty party held at the Holiday Inn Hotel on 13th December 2018, at 4 pm. There would be a surprise gift for the person who will arrive on time there. So, be on time strictly to be the winner of the game.

To all the friends, if you are tired from the busy routine of office, then I am cordially inviting you for the kitty party which is today at 9 pm at my place. It’s a way out of releasing your day to day work pressure. We would have gossiped and gaming with each other to release our tension. So, all of you! Just be on time.

To all dear cousins, it’s a long time that we have not met with each other because of the busy routine of work. So, I have decided to invite you to my place tomorrow at 12 pm in the afternoon.  There are desserts, BBQ and fancy Dress Show. There is a prizewinning competition also for the lady wearing the outstanding Dress. So, all of you, come in Charming Dresses especially.

To all the colleagues, this is to inform you that there will be a kitty party at my place at 4 pm in the evening tomorrow. This party is especially for those girls who have some issues in the office. We would discuss and resolve them as well enjoy the tea and some desserts at the party. There are some other dishes on the menu, so be ready for the party.

To all friends, I am very glad to inform you that there is a high tea party at PC hotel on 15th December 2018. This is going to be a grand party and we are going to discuss the next committee activity there too for better outcomes. So, be on time at the party and give positive suggestions.

This is to inform all the female colleagues at the office that there is going to be a kitty party at my place tomorrow at 5 pm in the evening. There would be a gaming session for your amusement as well as BBQ would be served too.

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