Half-Day Leave Messages to Boss

Sir, I need to attend my children’s PTM tomorrow morning so I will be unable to come in at the usual time. It is imperative that I attend this meeting as the regulations of their school are quite strict. Unfortunately, my wife is indisposed so she cannot attend, therefore, I must. I will be there by about (time). Kindly grant me leave for this period. I will be most grateful. Thank you.

Sir, due to an emergency, I am going to have to request you to allow me to leave earlier today. I will cover up on the work by tomorrow. My sister fell and broke her foot so I need to take her to the hospital as my mother cannot drive and my father is out of town. There is no one else to do this job other than me, so please excuse me for today. Your cooperation will not be forgotten. I will make sure to cover up all the hours and work I have missed at a later date. Thank you for your patience and support.

Sir, I have certain problems that need to be dealt with immediately. As such, I need to leave right now, earlier than the usual time so I would be immensely grateful if you could grant me a leave for this time. I will make sure to explain everything to my coworker before leaving so that no problem arises. Furthermore, I would be more than willing to work overtime tomorrow to make up for my missed hours. Your understanding and cooperation will be received with much appreciation. Thank you and I will try it so that this does not happen again in the future.

Dear Sir. Due to an accident, I will be unable to arrive on time. The driver of the car that crashed into ours is injured and therefore needs to be taken to the hospital. It is not clear how long it will take; thus, I would like for you to grant me a half leave at this time. I will call my coworker and explain all that needs to be done to him so that no hindrance arises in your process. If any other development arises, I will let you know via call. Thank you for your time.

Sir, the client of our recent project has requested that I join him for lunch. He wants to discuss how it is coming along plus any future potential collaborations. I think it would be unwise to turn him down so I would like for you to grant me a half-day leave so I can attend to the client’s needs and speak with him. I will ensure to complete my work before leaving. Thank you.

Sir, as you know that I have recently been partaking in some community service projects to develop our reputation as a charitable company, I have just now received a request of being present for their latest meeting to discuss things. As such, I would like for you to grant me a half-day leave for the rest of the day. Thank you.

Half-day leave messages to boss

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