Casual Leave Request Message to Boss

With due respect, it is requested that I have arranged a party for my friends at home on account of the birth of my first baby. It would be impossible for me to come to the office tomorrow as I have to make all the arrangements. All the due tasks for tomorrow have been completed and I have guided Mr. Sherry to go through the final reports. Kindly allow me one day’s leave in this regard.

Most respectfully, it is stated that I am working as an employee in your XYZ Company as an accounts manager. This letter is being written to you to ask for one day’s leave due to some personal reason and I will not remain available regarding official services. Therefore I request you to allow me a day’s leave and I will be very grateful to you for this.

As I had discussed yesterday and would like now to ask for a formal leave from my job. I want off days from [DATE] to [DATE] and will return to work most probably on [DATE]. If my request gets approved then I have a plan to cover the workload during my absence. While I am away, I shall remain available to provide all kinds of assistance through emails. Kindly let me know if you want some extra information. Thanks in advance for giving consideration to my request.

This message is to let you know that I have planned to avail my annual leave starting from 3-08-20XX to 15-08-20XX. To make sure I have checked with my other colleagues if they will remain available during this period. For your convenience, you can ask for further verification. I want you to give me a hint at the earliest so may I start preparing. I will wait for a positive response from your side. Thanks in advance.

Most respectfully, this message is to let you know that I want to take annual leave from 12-04-20XX to 25-04-20XX and want your approval in this regard. Moreover, these dates keep of great importance as there is my best friend’s wedding and an important event in my family. To avoid conflict, I have checked with other employees, hence there is no hindrance in the schedule and my absence will be covered. Now I am looking forward to your approval in this regard.

I am writing this message to ask for your permission regarding an important leave. the reason is that there is a little emergency as I have got the news that my little sister has been diagnosed with hepatitis and I am rushing towards the hospital to look after her and to be with her at this tough time. I will be back to work after five days and I assure you that the ongoing projects will not get affected by my absence. I will recover all the work loss once I am back to work. I need your support in this matter and will anticipate hearing a green signal from you.

This message is to let you know of the unfortunate demise of my uncle last night. I will be out of town to attend his funeral and paying final goodbye to him. Therefore, I ask for three days’ leave due to prevailing circumstances. My work during the past five years is self-evident of my inclination to make all ventures to enthrall adequately upon my return. My unfinished tasks will not be affected due to my short absence. I will concentrate more effectively on my work once I return.

With due respect, this message is being written to seek your approval for one week’s leave. I want this leave as I have planned a vacation with my family and I would like to take it from [DATE] to [DATE]. I am confident that during my absence that my colleagues will be able to continue marvelous work. I am looking forward to your response and thank you for considering my request.

Casual leave request message

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