Business Relationship Termination Messages

I am writing this message to thank you for all the services & high quality delivered by your company during this span. We highly adore the efforts you put while working with our firm, and the technique you conduct in carrying business as a whole is great. We will continue to praise & spread your services to other establishments and acquaintances, but we are afraid that we won’t be able to continue with your services anymore.

Sadly, it is announced that we are switching our business of Food Street to Vegetarian Street. As is obvious from the name, it is going to deal in vegetarian food only. So, we won’t need poultry & meat from you that we had been taking till now with great pride & your services had always been up to the mark. It’s been a joyful experience to work with you throughout all these years.

We are closing this restaurant on coming Monday that is why this Friday’s order would be the last one from us. Thank you once again for all of your laborious work and standard service to our restaurant, & best wishes for your unremitting & nonstop success.

The sudden rise in prices on the material we purchase from your company has compelled us to contemplate for some other source to buy this stuff from. We have finally found an industrial company with low prices & high quality of services. So, we have to terminate our business relationship with you from May 1 of this year. We have made this decision by keeping in mind the exceedingly modest nature of our company. That is why it is necessary to buy the stuff on as much lower prices as possible. We had enjoyed a very amiable business relationship with you & wish you the best of luck for your future.

It is announced that the company does not need your services anymore & that is why we are terminating the business relationship we signed with each other. In the start of the probation period, you proved to be a great addition to our business family but with the passage of months, your other side started coming out in the worst way. Tardiness & absenteeism have become a routine practice on your side.

This kind of irresponsible attitude is never appreciated in any of the firms. We wanted to hire you on a permanent basis but your misconduct kept us from that. We wish you success in the future. The end of your probation period would be the termination of our business relationship.

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