Best Wishes for Coworker Leaving


It is said that each good beginning has its end but to say goodbye to a very dearly and brotherly colleague I had not expected. It made me a little sad after I came to know about your resignation. Working with you provided me immense pleasure and I learned a lot from you. Although this will be a termination of our professional correlation, I hope to be on good terms with you in the future. I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors and I hope that in your new job you will transcend beyond your suppositions.


The time spent in your sweet company will always be pleasurable and memorable for me and I will really miss working with you. But the best part is that you are free now to do things of your own choice and you will not have to accomplish tasks and meet deadlines. It will be the best time for you to make your dreams come true. You have always remained a terrific and enthusiastic co-partner. I am glad for your alteration from profession to retirement. I wish you all the best for future endeavors and pray for your life to be filled with team spirit, enthusiasm and dedication.


It is difficult to express my feelings in words as I am in tears now that you are leaving the organization. It was really an interesting journey with many twists and turns but it ended on a good note. I will always cherish the time spent with you. You were an incredible, determined, disciplined, and diligent coworker and will definitely be priceless addition where you go. It is time for you to traverse new perspectives. I wish you lucky-break and good fortune for your new journey of life. You will always remain in my heart and I will really miss spending time with you.


I came to know yesterday that you are leaving ABC Corporation after been provided a good offer from XYZ Enterprises. At this moment I am really saddened to hear this. I always appreciate you for your ability to accomplish tasks on time. Working with you on some mega projects gave me a chance to know the real you and I learned many professional things.

I will really miss working with you and having tea in break time. Thanks a bunch, to you for your constant encouragement, guidance, and support during your tenure here. I did not know that this journey would be of five years as I wanted to work with you for long period. I want you to be in touch with me. I will come to meet you often in my free time. Thanks for being a valuable part of my life.


You are leaving ABC enterprises and I have started missing you then moment I came to know about it. I know that you are leaving for a better future but buddy I will miss working with you. We have made wonderful memories together and the workplace will not be the same place without you. You are one of the best coworkers I have ever met and thanks for all the efforts and hard work that you have contributed to bringing back the company to its original position. You will do wonders wherever you assume your duties. You will always be an encouragement and incitement for me. Sending lots of love and prayers your way. Stay blessed.


Some goodbyes are hard to say. Similarly, it is one of the hardest things to say goodbye to such a darling and wonderful colleague. I would like to appreciate you for all the endeavors that you have done for the company. I still remember my first day in this company while I was confused and you reduced all my burden.

I have learned many new things from you and I want to thank you for your mentorship and support. You guided me in the best possible way in every tough and puzzling situation. Now I have grown professionally only because of your continuous endeavors and I am very grateful to you for this. I want to be in contact with you after you resign from the company. I have mentioned my email and contact details and I hope that we will meet soon.

Best wishes for coworker leaving

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