Back Pain Sick Leave SMS Messages


Dear Sir, please be informed that today I was getting ready to come to the office but suddenly intense pain started in my back. It resulted due to carrying large cans of water. Although I have been warned by the doctor to not carry much weight, I remained careless. I took some home medication but it did not work well and my son then rushed me to a nearby hospital where the doctor did my spinal X-Ray and now, I have been prescribed to take two weeks complete rest. In this situation, it would not be possible for me to attend office; moreover, I cannot remain available via email too. If I do not take these leaves, I will suffer a lot. I promise that once I get fully recovered, I will get back to the office. For your convenience, a doctor’s note has been attached to this message. I hope you will understand my situation well. Thank you.


Respected Sir, this message aims to notify you that I fell down from stairs today’s morning as I was getting ready to come to the office. It resulted in my back sprain, and I am unable to walk even a single step now. I was taken to a nearby hospital where after initial treatment they have admitted me for three days and I have been suggested three weeks of bed rest. Hence, it will not be possible for me to come to work. I request you to allow me to leave till I get fully recovered. Once I will be getting back to work, I will finish all my assigned tasks. I have attached my medical certificate along with this message so may my absence will not cause any trouble to you. I hope you will consider my request and will cooperate with me.


Dear Sir, Hope you will be fine. I am very sorry to inform you that I will not come to the office today as I have had back pain since yesterday. I cannot even sit properly and it definitely put a bad impact on my office work. I have done my checkup today and I have been advised to take a week’s rest till I feel better. I request you to sanction me seven days’ leave and approve my leave application. For your cooperation, I will be very thankful to you.


Dear Madam, it would be impossible for me to mark to the office today because I have been suffering from pain and I cannot even sit due to pain. I was taken to hospital where a doctor said that I got my back sprained due to lifting some heavy object and they have admitted me for a week. The doctor has prescribed me three weeks’ leave from the workplace as to bring back my health to a normal it is very necessary. I had a meeting with HR of ABC Enterprises so I have asked Mr. Cather to take over my meeting. He can also handle my unfinished tasks during my absence and in case of urgent needs, you can contact me via email. The doctor’s note for your convenience has been attached with this message and I will be highly obliged to you if you forward my sick leave request to HR. I will forever remain indebted to you for helping me out in my difficult time.


This message aims to let you know that it is not possible for me to attend office today and I am apologetic for causing any inconvenience. I have severe back pain which has made me unable to sit and walk properly and today I had an appointment with a doctor in this regard. I have been diagnosed with a severe infection in my spinal cord and have been prescribed medication that will continue for four weeks. After taking the initial medicine dose I am feeling a little better but I have been advised to take proper rest till my recovery and to stay home. It will be my utmost effort to inform you if I will be able to make it to work after three days so we can make makeshifts for my amount of work. Miss Jennifer has been agreed to take over my unaccomplished tasks for three days. I will be thankful to you for cooperating with me.


Respected Sir, this message aims to inform you that I have been feeling down due to intense back pain and it will not be possible for me to come to the office for five days. After consulting the doctor, I have been advised to complete rest before carrying on with work. I have requested Miss. Elizabeth to scrutinize my customers during my absence and I will try my level my best to check my email in case you need anything in urgency. Therefore, I make a request to allow me five days leave so may I find some time for proper rest. I will remain available all the time if you need more information. I will be indebted to you for giving the favor.


It is heartrending to inform you that today’s morning I woke up with intense pain in my back and it is difficult for me to attend office today. I have taken medicine but it has not lessened the intensity of pain, therefore, I will get my proper checkup done and, in this regard, I have an appointment with the doctor today. I request you to sanction me for today’s leave. I promise that I will get back to work soon. Thanks a lot.

Back Pain Sick Leave SMS Message

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