Advance Salary Request Message for Maternity


Respected Sir, I am writing this message to ask for an advance salary for the treatment of my wife as she is going to deliver my baby on the 15th of this month. I request you to give me three months’ salary in the advance show to bear the operating expenses. You can deduct an amount in form of installments from my salary. I have no one’s support and no means of getting money to come out my problem on an urgent basis. I would be very thankful to you for supporting me during my difficult times.


With due respect, it is stated that I am in need of money for my wife’s operation. She is expecting and doctors have prescribed her complete bed rest. Her treatment is very expensive and I cannot afford the delivery expenses with my current salary. Therefore, I request you to give me at least three months’ salary in advance so may I be able to get her operation done. It will be great favor of you and I will never forget this act of kindness.


This letter aims to ask for an advance salary for the next two months. My wife is a diabetic patient and she is in her last trimester. The doctors have told me the expected delivery date is on the 22nd of this month and I have no money in my savings to meet the doctors’ fee as their charges are very high. I cannot meet expenses within the salary I am given. So, to get her delivery done I need an advanced salary. I would be very thankful to you if you give me the salary in the next five days.


I am Lydia Cooper and work in the finance sector in your organization. During my stay here I have always remained a faithful employee and tried my best to execute my duties in given time. I am expecting and my expected delivery date is 23rd February. I am writing this message to ask you for an advanced salary for the next three months to meet my delivery charges. The salary which I am given is not enough to meet operation charges as well as running house. You can deduct this amount from my next month’s salary. I will be very thankful to you for helping me out during difficult times.


I’m penning down this message to request for advance salary to meet my wife’s treatment as she is expecting. I need 10,000 USD to get her operation done as a doctor we have consulted charges high from the patients. Therefore, I am asking you to give me the next five months’ salary in advance and you can deduct this amount each month from my salary. I am hopeful that you will consider my request on top priority and will do something in this regard.


With due respect, I am humbly requesting an advance salary of two months as I am suffering from a financial crisis. My wife is expecting and it is difficult for me to get her treatment done within the given salary. I have no one in my surroundings who can help me to come out of this difficult time. Therefore, I am asking you to help me. I request the organization to withdraw the amount from my next three months’ salary in installments. I have attached my wife’s reports along with this message and I hope you will understand my situation well.


With due respect, I am writing this message to let you know that my wife is heart patient and she is expecting to. She is on medication for the past six months and it is becoming difficult for me to bear all the expenses. Half of my salary spends on buying medicines for her and the rest of the amount is not enough to meet both hands meet. I need 15,000$ for her operation and with my current salary, it is difficult for me to collect the required amount in a short time. Therefore, I humbly request you to give me three months’ salary in advance to get her treatment done. I have been working with you for the past three years and have never asked like this before. I am really in need of it. It would be your great act of kindness for helping me. Looking forward to your positive response.


This message serves as a humble request message to ask you to give me three months’ salary in advance. I need an estimated amount of [Mention Date]. From 8th March, I will be on maternity leave and for this purpose, I need advance cash from you. I hope that this message will be considered a genuine request. I expect kindness from you in response and I would be highly obliged to you for favoring me.


Hope everything is going well. I am Sylvia Hawk and work as a marketing assistant in your firm. I have never asked for any favor from the day I have joined till now. I am expecting and soon my maternity leave will start. I want you to give me my next three month’s salary in advance and each month you can deduct some of the amounts from my salary. I am direly in need of money and I have high expectations from you. I request you to give me an advanced salary within a week. Thanking you in anticipation.

Advance salary request message for maternity

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